Friday, July 30, 2010

Friendship and Yard Sales

Hello, My Friends!~~~

Five more days until Suzy and I leave for the WLYS (and doesn't she make a great video? I love it!) and 6 days until we start shopping and shopping and shopping! Now, Suzy and I like many similar things, so you may be wondering (or not!) how we shop together...
Well we have gone to flea markets, estate sales, and yard sales together for many years and have devised a system that works quite well.

1. Whoever finds a treasure first has dibs. Simple.

2. If one of us finds something that can be shared (fabric, a box of buttons, a box of anything that we like and that can be divided), we split the cost and split the goods. We will have a separate bag in the car for such goods and will divvy them up that evening in the hotel roo,

3. If either one of us spies something that she knows the other likes or needs (and actually, do we really need anything?), she alerts the other one to the item. I call it tag team shopping.

That's pretty much it! We don't need or want anything so badly that we would get into an argument over...well, that is unless Suzy decides to nab that piece of Pixieware I need for my collection...XXOO, Beth


  1. Sounds like you are ready! Me too! I love it that you know how to shop together. I am so excited to see how it goes for the two of you. I am making my lists right now!!

  2. That is exactly how my friend and I are when we are shopping sales together! When we first started, we were searching for very different things, and it didn't matter. Now, we are looking for a lot of the same things and we've kind of developed the same set of "rules" that you have, but without even planning it!

    Have fun on the trip! Wish I was going too!


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