Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wrapping It Up & The HGTV Special

Our big trip to the World's Longest Yard Sale is but a fond memory now. 
Beth and I both agree that we had a fab time.  It was great just being on the road together and having all that time to really bond.  We've been friends a long time, spent a lot of time together but this trip was special.

We are both so glad that we made it happen, we will treasure the time spent together always.

Would we go to the WLYS again?  No.
We live too far away and we have yard sales right here in Virginia you know.

Would we go if we lived close?  Of course.
If we lived within a 2 hour drive of Route 127 we would definitely go every year

This past Sunday, HGTV aired their special about the sale.  Let me sum it up in one word.  Lame-o.

Too bad they have continued their theme of making the show really a show about home decor.
This year's show was so bad, the teams they picked were so lame, so lame in fact, they had to tell them half way through to stop buying stuff that was "made in China".  (in other words, from Walmart)
This year Elyse Luray returned as the appraiser and new to the show was Kim Myles, the decorator.  Ugh.

Even the coaching from the hosts could not get these 3 teams of women to pick out some cool vintage finds.

I was just reminded by one of my readers about the tires.  Oh yes, one of the three teams of friends who are from Detroit bought 4 used tires to make a chair.  That is the moment right there, when HGTV should have kicked those losers to the curb and just grabbed somebody else off the street and started over.

In fact, they did such a poor job of shopping, at the end of their shopping time the host Kim Myles surprised each team with a "gift" for the rooms they were decorating.  She picked out something vintage and useful for each team's room.

Hey HGTV, how about a show that is about the cool vintage junk people are selling and buying.  Show us the ladies making the fried pies and the churches serving up BBQ on the side of the road.  We want to see what folks have bought and what they think was their best score or favorite purchase.

Oh wait, that sounds like a show for the History Chanel, right after American Pickers comes on :->