Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the Road Usefulness

Hello, Friends!~~~

I have traveled to every state in the USA (except for one--Kansas) by car. Logging in thousands of miles as a rider (I'm not a confident or capable long-distance driver so I play the role of navigator) and seasoned road tripper, I have come up with some things that MUST go in the car. Now, that Suzy and I are planning to hit the WLYS in about 6 weeks, I am thinking about what to include on our must take list. Today I'll share one of those items with you: zipper plastic bags.
Most particular JUMBO zipper plastic bags. These can hold 2-1/2 gallons of what you wish. We plan to use them to hold ice from the hotel ice maker to put in our cooler. We will use them to corral small items we find on the WLYS. We hope to use lots and lots of these bags to corral little treasures! The jumbo bags are also useful for holding dirty or wet laundry (although don't leave wet stuff in them too long or you'll get mildew--ick!). If you open a bag of crunchy snacks like a total spaz (like me) and burst the bag, slip your crispy treats in a zipper bag to keep them fresh. ~~~I'm sure you can come up with more uses than these as the need arises for these versatile bags, but I will tell you that several boxes of these will travel with us come early August!

Happy Trails!~~~~XXOO, Beth

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am SO Psyched!!!!!

Hello, Friends!~~~

Suzy has graciously allowed me to post comments into her fab WLYS Project blog as we COUNT DOWN to the BIG EVENT!~~~~I looked at the calendar and we are EXACTLY seven weeks away from our first day of the WLYS!~~~I will periodically check in with posts of my favorite yard saling tips, traveling tips, and anything else I think you may find useful for plqanning your own WLYS excursion!~~~Until then happy yard saling in your neck of the woods!~~~XXOO, Beth

Partner in Crime


If you know my other blog then you must know my BFF, Beth.

That's because we are two peas in a pod, BFF's, former neighbors, lifetime crafters AND we were both born in 1960.
Yes, that makes' us 50 this year and that is our excuse for taking off, leaving behind the dirty dishes, dirty laundry, teenagers and husbands to go off on this adventure, the WLYS!
What a way to celebrate, wouldn't you agree?!
Now that we are getting really, really close to our trip we are going to crank up this blog and get the party started. 
Stay tuned right here and you will hear more from me and from Beth right here as we get ready, get packed and get psyched for our big trip.

Practicing for the Big Event

There have been lots of great yard sales so far this season and I've been out there practicing, getting ready for the WLYS!
I'm hoping to find lots of vintage christmas bulbs.
I love vintage planters, especially cute ones.
My eye is always looking for old junk to repurpose into fun art for the garden.
The big event is getting so close now!!