Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am SO Psyched!!!!!

Hello, Friends!~~~

Suzy has graciously allowed me to post comments into her fab WLYS Project blog as we COUNT DOWN to the BIG EVENT!~~~~I looked at the calendar and we are EXACTLY seven weeks away from our first day of the WLYS!~~~I will periodically check in with posts of my favorite yard saling tips, traveling tips, and anything else I think you may find useful for plqanning your own WLYS excursion!~~~Until then happy yard saling in your neck of the woods!~~~XXOO, Beth

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Thanks for checking up on "the project"! I love to hear from my readers and if you've been to the WLYS be sure to let me know. If you've provided an email link in your blogger account, you will be hearing back from me! xo, Suzy

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