Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the Road Usefulness

Hello, Friends!~~~

I have traveled to every state in the USA (except for one--Kansas) by car. Logging in thousands of miles as a rider (I'm not a confident or capable long-distance driver so I play the role of navigator) and seasoned road tripper, I have come up with some things that MUST go in the car. Now, that Suzy and I are planning to hit the WLYS in about 6 weeks, I am thinking about what to include on our must take list. Today I'll share one of those items with you: zipper plastic bags.
Most particular JUMBO zipper plastic bags. These can hold 2-1/2 gallons of what you wish. We plan to use them to hold ice from the hotel ice maker to put in our cooler. We will use them to corral small items we find on the WLYS. We hope to use lots and lots of these bags to corral little treasures! The jumbo bags are also useful for holding dirty or wet laundry (although don't leave wet stuff in them too long or you'll get mildew--ick!). If you open a bag of crunchy snacks like a total spaz (like me) and burst the bag, slip your crispy treats in a zipper bag to keep them fresh. ~~~I'm sure you can come up with more uses than these as the need arises for these versatile bags, but I will tell you that several boxes of these will travel with us come early August!

Happy Trails!~~~~XXOO, Beth


  1. agreed!
    ziplock baggies are a must when i travel. especially good for stuffing nature treasures in! i plucked porcupine quills from roadkill in upper michigan and swan feathers... glad i had ziplocks!!!

    michele in mich

  2. I've been wanting todo this for several years now, so I've be following ya'll around. I put your button in my sidebar and I'll be checking in for all the fun. I love road trippin' and yes, ziplocks are a must!

  3. We work this sale every year!! Love it, we live about 30 minutes off the path of the yard sale in the top corner of GA. I'm so excited to find your blog. I'm fairly new to blogging, if I can figure out how to add a "button" to my blog I'll add yours! Lol

  4. yes, ziploc bags and sharpie markers are two of my staples. I use them in all sorts of ways.

  5. I just found this blog! I have been to the WLYS for two years and this will be my 3rd time. I love it! I have a check off list started for what I take. I have not been disappointed in the last two years with my finds. I just turned 60 in June so this is a big highlight of my year also!


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