Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wrapping It Up & The HGTV Special

Our big trip to the World's Longest Yard Sale is but a fond memory now. 
Beth and I both agree that we had a fab time.  It was great just being on the road together and having all that time to really bond.  We've been friends a long time, spent a lot of time together but this trip was special.

We are both so glad that we made it happen, we will treasure the time spent together always.

Would we go to the WLYS again?  No.
We live too far away and we have yard sales right here in Virginia you know.

Would we go if we lived close?  Of course.
If we lived within a 2 hour drive of Route 127 we would definitely go every year

This past Sunday, HGTV aired their special about the sale.  Let me sum it up in one word.  Lame-o.

Too bad they have continued their theme of making the show really a show about home decor.
This year's show was so bad, the teams they picked were so lame, so lame in fact, they had to tell them half way through to stop buying stuff that was "made in China".  (in other words, from Walmart)
This year Elyse Luray returned as the appraiser and new to the show was Kim Myles, the decorator.  Ugh.

Even the coaching from the hosts could not get these 3 teams of women to pick out some cool vintage finds.

I was just reminded by one of my readers about the tires.  Oh yes, one of the three teams of friends who are from Detroit bought 4 used tires to make a chair.  That is the moment right there, when HGTV should have kicked those losers to the curb and just grabbed somebody else off the street and started over.

In fact, they did such a poor job of shopping, at the end of their shopping time the host Kim Myles surprised each team with a "gift" for the rooms they were decorating.  She picked out something vintage and useful for each team's room.

Hey HGTV, how about a show that is about the cool vintage junk people are selling and buying.  Show us the ladies making the fried pies and the churches serving up BBQ on the side of the road.  We want to see what folks have bought and what they think was their best score or favorite purchase.

Oh wait, that sounds like a show for the History Chanel, right after American Pickers comes on :->



  1. I keep meaning to watch this online, and now you tell me it's lame? Well, of course it's lame compared to OUR lives. And seriously? They had to TELL THEM to stop buying things made in China?

  2. I completely agree on the HGTV special. So disappointing! Several years ago they did visit dealers and showed so much cool vintage items it was wonderful and was what made me aware of and dream of going to the longest yard sale! Alas the last few years the shows have been about decorating and a 'contest' .... how stupid. It does not show the real sale and what it is all about. That said I'm glad I went and since I do live fairly close will plan to go again next year. HGTV get a clue and do a real show about this fun event!

  3. Oh yes and the ladies are from Detroit in this show and they buy tires? TIRES??? Lame-O doesn't begin to describe how bad it was.

  4. They should ride around with folks. I had room in my car for a cameraman and one host. That would be fun t.v. Certainly would give a real picture of the sale.

  5. I agree! I was really disappointed in the show! I agree with your suggestions too-it shouldn't be a design or decorating show---show us the vintage goodies!! I know there are tons of fun vintage and antique things-I saw them when I went 2 years ago. That wasn't a good depiction of what the WLYS is all about-it didn't make me want to rush out and visit it like the show I saw the year we went did.

  6. I always look forward to watching the show and when it is finished I am ALWAYS disappointed.I guess people visit and shop for different reasons.I just wish HGTV would take along some real "junkers".You can still work the decorating angle (which I get) but do it in a way that shows the unique functionality of vintage items.

  7. It was pathetic! I think the worst part was knowing how many COOL vintage girls were there and that they (you!) weren't being filmed. What a waste of a TV camera.

  8. The Longest Yard sale is a great place to find just about anything, but if you are wanting to make it pay you first have to know your stuff. people are not going to throw great antiques at your head. You have to know great antiques first. When you know what to look for chances are you will find it. I am a dealer and a shopper. having set up on the sale I can say anything will sell. I had a variety of antiques from glassware to primetives,{prices from a few dollars to around 100.00} the guy next to me had hand made ugly jugs,{Around 200.00 to 400.00} and the lady on the other side sold ice trays and rubbermaid and old clothes.from less than a dollar to around 20.00} we all sold great. So it doesn't matter what your looking for, chances are someone is selling it. As for buying I have found many great antiques that have more than paid for my trip. But again I know what to look for.

  9. What's wrong with being from Detroit? I'm from the Detroit area and I'm going to the sale for the first time this year... PLEASE don't dis "Detroit" just 'cause a team of women made something stupid! We're not all that bad!!! Some of us have a penchant for vintage and retro and we are indeed COOL!

  10. Ya know, I would like to see something done by ladies that aren't necessarily "decorators" but do a fab job out there in the "real world" being a mom or domestic engineer, decorating with what they have made or remade. And while your at it, throw in some people that have remodeled their manufactured homes to look amazing by themselves w/o the help of a decorator. I watch the reality shows that are about decorating just like everybody else, but hey HGTV, do something fresh and more creative.....


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