Sunday, October 16, 2011

HGTV Was Listening....Ya Think?

Tonight at 8pm EST on HGTV is the 2011 Endless Yard Sale Special.  Apparently the powers that be at HGTV took my advice and ditched the "decorate a room" challenge format and kicked it to the curb.  Hallelujah!!
Here is what HGTV has to say about tonights special:

Three teams of shoppers have two days and approximately $1,000 each to bargain hunt at the world's longest yard sale. They must complete 4 challenges as they shop for valuable treasures and haggle down the price. At the end of each challenge, estate sale expert Cari Cucksey will appraise the items and award the winning team additional spending cash for the next challenge. Host Kim Myles keeps us up to speed on the teams' progress and strategies, and provides design tips for viewers on how to separate the trash from the treasure. At the final appraisal, Cari will value each team's entire haul, and the team who found the best bargain prices will win the cash difference between Cari's appraised value and how much they actually spent purchasing their items. At the world's longest yard sale, the difference between purchase price and appraised value could be thousands of dollars.

Sounds better, but I don't know about that last bit about the difference between WLYS prices and appraised value adding up to thousands of dollars.  You wish!
I'm looking forward to seeing Cari Cucksey on the show, I like her.  I wish that my estate sales here on the penninsula of Virginia were half as organized as her sales in Michigan.
I will reserve judgement on Kim Myles until I have seen the show. 
No doubt the show will trigger fond memories of my trip last year with BFF Beth to TN and KY to travel the WLYS.  Good times, good times indeed :->


  1. I think the real challenge would be to give them $25 and see how much they could get with that. That seems to be about what I have spent the past two years. Didn't buy any furniture, but didn't need any either.
    Prices are ridiculous.

  2. Wish they would NOT have a challenge at all. It would be so much more interesting if they would just shop from an antiquers stand point, a crafters stand point and a thrifters stand point. See what they come up with and why they thought the items worthy of attention.


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