Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Great Tips Keep Pouring In

I think everyone is getting really geeked up for the big SALE, I know I am.  We are seeing a lot more traffic over here at the Project and I received a very nice email from Michele in Gadsden, AL.
Michele has some great advice :->

I have attended the yard sale for the past 5 yrs and in that time have purchased enough to furnish a garden home for my step-daughter and 2 vacation properties! I am fortunate enough to own a home in Mentone, Alabama that sits directly on the route. I start on Wednesday in Gadsden and drive up to Mentone shopping all of the way! I have found the majority of my things in Alabama and Georgia, I have literally spent the whole time in these areas due to the amount of vendors. There are some returning vendors, as well as, new ones…this year the Mentone Springs Hotel (which is the oldest hotel in Alabama) will be selling some of its contents, since it will be closing and awaiting new owners! I would recommend loose clothing, bottled water, and packing material/twine. I usually take sandwiches and snacks and eat in the car to save time, but there are plenty of vendors selling food along the way. One of treats that I had last year while shopping was a fried Oreo cookie (they also had fried moon pies) and homemade peach ice cream…talk about a sugar high! There is so much to see and you can get bogged down trying to see it all, but there is just no way possible, just pick and area to start and talk to other shoppers along the way, I have changed directions several times based on word of mouth!

Thanks Michele!  Love the advice about checking with fellow shoppers to see where the best "junk" is.  Oh yeah.



  1. Good advice. I know last year we saw someone with some awesome stuff in their truck and they had come from Ky, and that is where we are starting this year. Hope it is worth the drive! I will report on my trip of course.

  2. Thanks for posting Michele's tips. I live not far from Mentone and usually buy down that way but now knowing the old hotel will be selling its contents ,I'll be sure to hit that on Thursday ( first day)!!Hope to see ya there!
    Carol in GA

  3. Thanks for the tips, this will be my first year going to the sale and I can't wait.


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