Friday, July 23, 2010

List Making!

Hello, Friends!~~~

Well, with less than 2 weeks to go until the BIG EVENT, I am making my list!

Now bear in mind that this list is not limited to what you see, but it is very important to me to jot down things that I know I'll need when Suzy and I hit the road on August 4th.

I usually don't divide my take-alongs into categories, but I did for this post. As you can see hand sanitizer and wipes are in My Necessary Items category along with money in small bills. That's how I roll :)

XXOO, Beth


  1. Good List! I have started my list and buying some items (snacks, zip lock bags) to take with me. It's gonna be here soon! Excited!

  2. Ack - I was out all day at yard sales with NO wipes. Really gross.

    You must be getting very excited ... won't be long now! Looking forward to seeing all the loot you and Suzy find out there. :-) -amy

  3. Don't forget to put MOJO on your list! I'll be sending some your way and anxiously await your photos and tales!!! XOX

  4. Love the list! Just reading it got me all excited. We are going for our first time this year. I can hardly stand it!


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