Monday, July 26, 2010

Yard Sales: How I Roll

Hello, Friends!~~~

As the WLYS is a mere 9 days away, I have been thinking about my "yard saling" strategy. Now, I am very aware that WLYS is not a yard sale in the traditional sense, that there will be vendors in fields and along the road who have travelled far to sell their wares. I also know that Suzy and I will encounter a mixture of traditional yard sales, church sales, and anything in between. But to be honest, the whole thrill of the WLYS is the unknown of what exactly we will find.

I do have a strategy, however tenuous, for the WLYS. Here it is in list form:

1. Carry a reusuable grocery bag anytime we stop at a cluster of sales. These bags are sturdy, lightweight, and foldable. I don't really need one at single sales. My hands usually work fine.

2. Keep moving. I know it'll be hot, it is August after all, but moving is the perfect way for me to beat the heat and to see the most the WLYS has to offer. I know what catches my eye, and I will linger over those goodies, but I know what doesn't and those goods will get narry a glance.

3. Look down in boxes. I can imagine that a lot of vendors will have boxes of goods sitting on the ground or on tables, and it's wortha quick glance or shuffle through to see what's in them. Sometimes the best stuff rests in the bottom of a box!

4. Have small bills so I can give exact change! This is vital to keep moving. No one has to give me change.

5. Carry a water bottle on a strap so I can keep hydrated and have a free hands.

6. My biggest money saving strategy is to ask on priced goods: "Is this your best price?" Saving a dollar here and there adds up. It is relatively easy to get an item marked $6 down to $5. I am always prepared to walk away. I don't bargain at charity or church sales. I usually even the charge price to the nearest $5 increment.

There is a my list. It is by no means complete, and I'm sure you can add to it! In fact, please do so by adding a comment to this post on your favorite yard sale/flae market shopping strategy. ~~~XXOO, Beth


  1. Beth I am getting excited myself. I started my stash of snacks and got a large box of ziplock bags for the trip. I like the keep moving strategy. It is mine also...I can tell pretty quickly if it's for me or not. Oh I'm so jazzed about this year's trip!

  2. Wow, it's coming up fast! So excited to hear every detail. Have fun!!!!

  3. I like to keep some small sheets of bubble wrap in my shopping bag for those quick wrap ups. Also I have several shopping bags,when you get back to the car just put the full one in and start with a fresh bag...another time saver!

  4. Hi; we're leaving northern Indiana Thursday for the WLYS. We set up in Crossville. Last year was our first year to sell. We had a great time and sold quite a little bit. Our spot is shaded, a must if it is hot. Look us up if you get to Tennessee. Pat Yoder

  5. In Gadsden, Alabama, the Bama Rib Shack has excellent food. The potato I got there, fully loaded, of course, was literally the size of a football. Also, at one point, there is a tiny fire department on the right hand side of the road if you started at Gadsden, Alabama. Their BBQ is not to be missed. Have a great time!

  6. I'm so excited for y'all! I've only been once so far but it was a blast.

    Be sure and pack a little first aid kit with things like bandages and pain relievers and that sort of thing - nothing like getting a blister on your foot or a bee sting or something like that to make things less than fun. And you won't want to get off of the yard sale trail to buy these things.

    Oh, and anything that's been laying out for a while, check for spiders before you put it in your car. Another good tip is to put some wet wash cloths in baggies in your cooler so that when you get too hot, you can take them out for a mini cooling spa visit. I sound like a complete mother hen! :) Anyways...I can't wait to see your reports!

  7. Genevieve PetersonJuly 31, 2010 at 9:01 AM

    Looking forward to seeing your journey and your treasures. Thanks for bringing us on your fun filled adventure.

    You're the best!!!


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