Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dining Out at the Big Sale

Beth and I will be packing a cooler for sure.  Lots of water and some easy snacks. 

Along with all the wonderful junk we hope to find we are looking forward to some good regional cooking.   We are both born and bred in the south, and our mother's always kept a large container of Crisco in the cupboard.  Fried food is very familiar to us.
Normally we both strive to eat a healthy diet, but I'm looking forward to a few greasy treats on this trip :->

We've been hearing from a lot of veterans of the WLYS with some interesting tales and excellent advice.
Michaella just wrote and she has been going to the WLYS for years.  Her note included some great tips about the food.

If you're going to be coming north into KY, keep an eye out between Jamestown and Liberty for a large sale on the right side of the road. You'll see a large sign advertising an amish store. The best thing here is ice cream sold by a group of Amish people. It is churned by Horse power (seriously, a huge Horse). It is very simply made with pure ingredients and is absolutely delicious.

That sounds exactly like the kind of treat I'm talking about!
She also had this to say:

We have been to several churches in KY that have sales and some of them even serve full meals for a very reasonable price.

Church lady home cooking?  Sign me up.  We will definitely be on the look out for the church sales now.  Thanks Michaella!

OK, now I am going to jump from food to the subject of bathrooms.  I know, but one kinda' leads to the other and well, more good advice here:

Be prepared to find that even when buying gas, many gas stations in KY will close their bathrooms to the public (to keep for cleaning them so much).
We like to stop at church sales because a lot of  the time there are clean bathrooms available.

Now I'm hoping there are a lot of churchs along our route.

Photo courtesy of Robisan's

Watching out for the church sales will be Beth's job.  I'm the designated driver on this trip so our deal is, my eyes on the road at all times and Beth will be looking out for the sales to stop at.  Michaella also said:

Your biggest obstacle will be the sheer number of people dashing in and out of traffic to cross the road.

Maybe I should get a cow-catcher for the Honda Pilot just to make things easier :->

photo courtesy of psd


  1. I love this advice. We are going into KY for the first time so I will be on a look out for church sales...agree they are usually awesome and yes bathrooms!! That Amish Ice Cream sounds delish!

  2. This sounds so interesting. I became a follower so I could see what will happen. I recognized the lovely train in the bottom photo. It's in the city where I live. I blogged about it: My name is on one of the bricks beside the train. It's a small world...


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