Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two Weeks To Go!

Beth and I will be leaving on our big adventure two weeks from today! 

If you recall, we are jumping off our trip from Johnson City, TN, the hometown of MamaPeach.  We will leave Virginia on Wednesday and spend that evening in Johnson City.  Then we will rise very early on Thursday and scoot over to Crossville and start our trek north. 

Lisa from Birmingham, AL sent me some fabulous links to her 2009 blog entries that she wrote about her trip to the WLYS last year.
This is some really good stuff.  She wrote about her trip in three parts.  Start here:

Then go here:

Lisa's blog entries are very interesting and she has lots of great pictures!
Sounds like she had an awesome time.
Finally go here to see all the loot that she scored. 
I'm drooling over some of the stuff in her pictures, let me tell you. 

All photos courtesy of Lisa


  1. Two weeks!! I am leaving early on that Thur and driving to KY. Then heading south....I am so excited and can hardly wait!!! I will check out Lisa's blog!!

  2. I am so jealous!! I swear I will go on this trip before I die! Good luck!

  3. OOOwee, we're ready in North Georgia! The first day we will leave home and go toward Mentone, AL and down to Gadsden, AL where the yard sale starts!!Such fun, always hot as all get out though!Lots of water, sunscreen and a hat!
    Carol in GA


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