Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2 Cont. of the World's Longest Yard Sale Project

A bit more of my random video clips from the trip. 


  1. Love the video! We also stopped at the big old barn on our way out of town. I was curious where that church was that you got the yummy pie. Also, in the first day 2 video, where was that awesome sale that you showed about 10 seconds in?

    We're trying to figure out if we should go further south next year and it looks like you had some good stops!

  2. Loved the videos...I see you're fans of Mike and Frank too!!! I never miss a show! If you have never been south of Crossville, Tn.. you need to travel on to Pikeville, Dunlap and Signal Mtn. Tennessee. Very crowded across Signal Mtn...but lots of good stuff.


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