Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 1: From Crossville, TN to Albany, KY

Hello, Friends!~~~

We are on Day 1 of two day and about 150 miles of traveling the Route 127 World's Longest Yard Sale! Here are ALOT of photos of this wonderful day!
This is a little north of Crossville, TN. There are quite a few clusters of vendors in this area and easy parking in grassy areas or on the side of the road.

This vendor had lots of white painted furniture and pretty high priced but nice linens.

Here is Suzy making a purchase!

Here is my very first purchase! Glass and plastic buttons and a few pink birthday cake candle holders!

This cluster of vendors is on the grounds of the Cumberland Mt. General Store in Clarksrange, TN. You can see Suzy searching intensely for the special treasure!

A little north of Clarksrange we found FOOD! Not the vendor above who we saw at Cumberland Mt. Gen. Store but a fabulous and AIR CONDITIONED bar-b-que place called appropriately the Barbeque Shack. Great food at great prices! We were desperate to take a mid-day break as the heat and humidity was brutal!
Here is one of many individual road side sales. This one is heavy on the "mantiques."

And this sale while in the shade, which is a bonus, had little to offer us.

We passed on this "monster lawn tractor" too.

Before we made it into Jamestown, TN we encountered RAIN!

But the skies eventually cleared and the sun peeked out and thankfully the temps went down. Isn't this a lovely mountain view north of Jamestown, TN?

This is a beautiful park in Pall Mall, TN the nome of the famous Sgt. York. There was a wonderful cluster of sales here.
This vendor has wonderful chairs!

This is driving north on Route 127 into Forbus, TN near the Kentucky border. There is a nice old general store here with fudge!

Near the Kentucky border the road gets hilly and little winding. We stopped at one sale but didn't find anything other than this ancient and heavilly laden pear tree!

That's it for Day 1! Tomorrow we head north and will stop in Danville, KY, about 70 miles from where we are this evening in Albany, KY. We will show off our many purchases, and there were MANY on day one, on our individual blogs after we return home on Saturday. But please stay tuned to this blog for more photos and video!~~~XXOO, Beth


  1. WE drove all the way to Kentucky and will start our buying tomorrow Danville, Ky and heading south! We stopped at one area late in the day and they had been flooded, still we both found a couple of things so the day wasn't a completely travel day only! Looks like you are having fun!

  2. I am following you all the way, so keep posting! This is actually pretty fascinating to me. Love you both.

  3. I'm heading over to the Ohio leg of the sale in the morning. I'm going to start in Van Wert and work my way south.

    I can't wait! Happy Shopping! La

  4. Heh Elizabeth - enjoying the pics and videos you are posting - try and stay cool! And don't spend all your money too soon - which would be a GREAT challenge for me....Jewels

  5. I'm so glad you are doing this blog! I'm living vicariously through you guys right now. Keep the photos coming!


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