Monday, August 9, 2010

The Kentucky Lottery

Hello, Friends!~~~

On day two of the WLYS 2010, Suzy and I found the Central Kentucky Agricultural Pavilion in Liberty, KY.

This huge covered arena was temporary home to lots of antique dealers, yard sales, and various other types of sales. Finding a diamond in the rough among all of the offereings was like winning the Kentucky Lottery!

We did find some very nice goodies to load into the car, but I would like to show you what we passed on.

This toy tractor was $700! Yikes!

If I had more disposable income I would have popped on these $500 Beatles bobbleheads!

I love this tin car, but not the $100 (firm) price.

This trunk was way cool but TOO big to bring home!

Stay tuned for more highlights of our journey on the 2010 WLYS!~~~XXOO, Beth


  1. Suzy,
    This is a great blog. I love your rules & strategies...right on! We just got home from our adventure last night, & I blogged about it too.

  2. That truck is great. Not that I am allowed anything large in the house. ;)


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