Friday, April 16, 2010

This Gal Lives Right On the WLYS Route...LUCKY!

Say hi to Alexa from Chattanooga, TN.  This lucky gal lives in a city that is right along the WLYS route.  Chattanooga is along the southeastern border of TN. 
I don't know if I mentioned that I grew up in Johnson City which is near the northeastern border of TN. 
Johnson City is where I will be jumping off from to begin my trek along 127.  It's not on the route, I will have to get up super early the first morning and drive about 2 hours to get to Crossville, TN where I am starting.
Alexa has been to the WLYS two years running and is definitely returning this year.
Alexa sent me a great note about her experiences.

Photo Courtesy of Alexa

I happened upon your "World's Longest Yardsale Project" blog....loved it. Anything that promotes the highlight of my year annually can only be my friend. Most of your entries are in regard to people that attend days of the junk extravaganza, but I live in Chattanooga and can only dedicate one day to my adventure.

I begin the day at 5:30am, drive directly to Dunlap, TN and take 127 all the way into Chattanooga. It takes about 14 hours of intense junk-a-mania! No stopping to eat: bring snacks....bring large vehicle. No small children or husbands. I like to fly solo, or I will now allow my 14 year old daughter, of which is becoming my yardsale apprentice. It is a day like no other. I'm now on my third year so many vendors have now become friends. Certain spots along the way are regular haunts and "must-see" destinations.

I'm with Alexa on the "no small children or husbands" rule!  I will have partners in crime though and we all know how to appreciate a great yard sale!
Alexa has a great blog and she has written about both of her trips to the WLYS.
You can read about her adventure in 2009 here.
For more adventures and LOTS more great pictures, read about 2008 here,  here, and here.
I love how Alexa refers to the WLYS as the Ga-Zillion Mile Yard Sale.

Photo courtesy of Alexa
Are we all getting excited yet?  August seems forever in the future. 
Nah, it will be here before you know it :->


  1. I am about to perish from the anticipation! Looking So forward to doing this with YOU!!!!~~~XXOO, Beth

  2. Hello, I am following your project! I live in the tiny town of Danville, Kentucky. The 127 yardsale runs right through it. That's an exciting weekend, for sure. I just park my car along the road and get out and walk around. It's so much fun!

  3. I have wanted to go to the Longest yard sale for several years. My husband and I had planned to go in 2007, but I had to have emergency back surgery a week before the sale! Bummer! My sister and her husband went last year! Lucky dogs! Maybe this will be my year!

  4. my hubby and i will be leaving wisconsin on aug 2nd to drive to dalton GA to by carpet and will be coming back on 127 to finally attend the long awaited WLYS that i have been planning on doing for about 2 years now. last year my plans were cut short after falling off a horse on july 17 and was laid up in the hospital for 3 weeks so this year we made plans late and will be passing thru on our return to wis. can't wait to see what it's all about. i'm sure we'll thoroughly enjoy it. will let you know when we get back.


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