Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kim Says She Would Do It Again!

I recently heard from Kim  about her trip to the WLYS in 2008 and she was kind enough to answer a few questions. 

1) What year(s) have you been to the WLYS?

2) What was your starting point?
Crossville, TN

3) Where did you end and how many miles did you cover?
Ended in Ohio-not sure on the miles, didn’t keep track. Many websites tell you that it continues to the Michigan-Ohio border, and that really wasn’t true. It was mostly over when you got to the Cincinnati area.

4) Were you looking to find specific types of items?
 Looking for Fiestaware, and amethyst and clear depression glass, and old tools, and anything that happened to catch our eye-but mostly it was for the adventure!

5)  Would you go again?

6) What was your best “score”?
 That is a really hard question! They all were! The whole experience was probably the “best” score!

7) Would you go again and if so would you cover the same route or expand your route?
 YES!! In a heartbeat! I’d start in Gasden next time and work my way north from there.

8) Where are you from and how did you travel to get to the WLYS?
 Michigan, and we left home on the Sunday prior. We planned a bunch of stops at places we both wanted to visit. We stopped at the Homer Laughlin China Factory for a tour, tried to visit a Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives Restaurant, visited Smokey Mountain Knifeworks, the Smokey Mountains and Ober Gatlinburg and then started the sale in Crossville and worked our way toward home.

Photo courtesy of Kim

Kim also offered some more info and tips.

We took bagels and stuff that was easy to grab for breakfasts and lunches and only ate dinners out, that saved a lot of money and helped keep us on the road more instead of having to stop so much or waste valuable time sitting in a restaurant.

Since we started a day early the crowds really weren’t that big yet, and I would definitely start early again!

We took a roll of quarters each, like a lot of websites tell you to do, and we never used them! They were heavy and a pain to carry. We took a lot of ones and were glad that we did that.

We bought disposable rain ponchos from Walmart in case we needed them.

We took all of the back seats out of our SUV and put our car top carrier inside the car (to save on gas mileage) in case we needed more storage space for the trip home, and in case we couldn’t find a hotel and might have had to sleep in the car.

Kim wrote a great blog post about her trip and you can read all about it here.  She included lots of great pictures too.
Kim covered basically the same route that I will be taking so it was really great to here that she had a great time and experience.  Can't wait!

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