Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What is The World's Longest Yard Sale?

The World’s Longest Yard Sale (WLYS) is 654 miles long. It stretches south from Gadsen, Alabama up north to West Unity, Ohio. The WLYS follows Route 127 through Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio. It was begun by the Fentress County Chamber of Commerce in Jamestown, TN to stimulate tourism along this scenic highway. The sale always starts on the first Thursday of August through Sunday. During this weekend, traffic is congested as thousands of vendors rent spaces in fields, yards, and parking lots along the route. The lure of find that perfect treasure around the bend brings in yard salers from all over the country. Restaurants are packed and hotel/motel rooms along the route are fully booked several months prior to the sale. So book early!

I have already booked my room and have planned which section of the WLYS I am going to tackle. I chose the section which is geographically closer to where we live, if 9 hours is considered close! It is also the section which has the official WLYS headquarters, Jamestown, TN. I am hitting Route 127 at Crossville, TN and will travel 175 miles over two days north to either Danville, KY or Lawrenceburg, KY (depending on our mood on day three). That's my plan. Part of the fun is, of course, not knowing what treasures lie beyond the next bend. It may take hours to go several dozen miles, but so be it! I expect that.

As this blog unfolds, I will share with you the minutiae of planning for this event. I am going to research as much as I can, share what I find with you, and then share my personal travel tips. I can’t wait, and I'm so glad you are taking the journey virtually with me!


  1. It is my dream to go to this sale. I will be traveling vicariously thru you guys. I look forward to hearing every detail and seeing all the goodies you guys find!

  2. Harrodsburg, Kentucky - best antiques shops ever. It has been 13 long years since we took that trip -

    In those 13 years - both my girls grew up and I became a breast cancer survivor -

    You are going to have a blast. Get those wallets ready there will be bargains just LOTS of them

    I can't wait to see your blog posts.

  3. I only live an hour and a half from Cookeville! If I can round up a friend or two, I might not be far behind you!

  4. Beth, a dealer at my shop went this year, if you want to swing by and pick her brain. Email me and I'll send you the details. I'm gonna pitch this idea to my sister for MY 50th in 2011

  5. How fantastic! I will add your button to my blog to remind me to check up on your adventures, Lucy and Ethel! You're lucky ducks to have the time to get away like this. I never can seem to... Suzie

  6. This is going to be really fun to follow your preparation and journey. You go girls!

  7. can you believe i'v lived in tn most of my life and i have NEVER been to the yardsale!! I think i will change that this year! so happy to see this blog...and I will definately be keeping tabs.


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