Monday, November 2, 2009

Lots of Smalls

It's still a long way off till next August and my trip to the WLYS but already planning this trip has taken my mind off the fact that I am rounding the half century mark next year.  Instead I am having fun looking ahead to all the great stuff that we are hoping to find on route.

I can tell you right now it's going to be all about the smalls. 
I don't have room in my houses for one more stick of furniture.
(I absolutely won't be bringing home any crappy neon signs either.)
That is unless I stumble across this:

Then there might be a trailer rental involved or a lot of bungee cords.
I am certain, without out a doubt that we will be finding lots of these items. 

I think there will be a lot of ziplock baggies needed for this trip so we don't lose any good stuff between the seats, better put that on the list of things to bring.